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Visa® Check Card

With so many ways to be used, your Visa® Check Card makes everyday purchases easy!

With a Visa® Check Card, you will never have to worry about monthly fees and you will be able to use your card where ever Visa® is accepted in the USA. Since purchases are deducted directly from your Reliance Bank account, you will be able to track expenses efficiently each month to help you stay on a budget.


  • Convenient and secure way to pay
  • Manage your money and track transactions
  • Easy to set up automatic payments with your card
  • Sign up for UChoose Rewards

Lost or Stolen Card?

In the event Cards are lost or stolen, you should contact the Bank immediately. If a monthly statement shows unauthorized transactions, notification must be made within sixty (60) days after the statement was delivered.

Calls during regular business hours (9 AM - 5 PM) and business days (Monday - Friday) should be made to 814-949-6255 or 1-800-570-0876.

Calls after normal business hours (5 PM - 9 AM) or on non-business days (Saturday, Sunday or Holidays) should be made to Fiserv EFT at 1-800-554-8969, followed by written notification to:

Reliance Bank
1119 Twelfth Street 
PO Box 1968
Altoona PA 16603-1968
ATTN: Deposit Operations

Please note, e-mail is not secure. Do not include information such as account numbers or social security numbers when contacting Reliance Bank via e-mail.